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How long will a polypropylene sandbag last?

It is hard to say how long a polypropylene sandbag will last for as this depends on the how it is stored, how it is used and the environmental conditions it experiences. All of our sandbags that we supply come with an added UV protectant which will provide some limited protection from sunlight and weather deterioration.  For extra peace of mind you could use our Black Extra UV-Resistance Sandbags available in our online store. These sandbags are designed to last longer and have a higher tolerance to ultra violet light damage.

Is a sandbag recyclable?

Yes all of our empty polypropylene sandbags are fully recyclable once they have been emptied. For empty hessian sandbags they can be placed on your compost heap to rot down with the rest of your garden waste.

What should I do with my sandbags after a flood?

Used sandbags will not routinely be collected from residents after flooding incidents by your Local Authority. Wherever possible please store full bags that have not come into contact with flood water to use again for if you need them in the future, often more than one flooding incident can occur in quick succession. If you are unable to store the bags full, then please empty the bags and store the pile of sand in your garden, or yard, and keep the bags so that they can be re-filled if necessary in the future. Please remember wet sandbags are very heavy, try to get someone to help you lift them. Any person unable to lift or move sandbags themselves should ask a neighbour or friend for help. Sandbags that have come into contact with flood water maybe contaminated, therefore please ensure that you wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after handling sandbags. If you do not wish to store the sand or the bags, once empty the bags can be placed in the wheelie bin and the sand dug into the garden if you have one, or taken to your local household waste and recycling centre. Do not allow children to play with the sand, or place it in sand pits due to possible contamination, the sand is not suitable for this purpose, and it may harm your children.

Does my local authority have a statutory duty to provide residents with sandbags?

Local authorities do NOT have a statutory duty to provide any residents with sandbags. However, limited emergency provisions maybe available to some residents during periods of extreme flooding who cannot acquire them themselves. The only way to make sure that you have adequate sandbag protection is to order them yourselves.

How will my sandbags be delivered?

Filled sandbags will be delivered on a pallet using a tail lift lorry, please make sure you have an adequate area for offload/storage of the pallet. Some local pallet networks may struggle to off load and move your pallet onto a gravel driveway so an area of hard standing is always preferred.

If I live in a flooded area will I still be able to receive my delivery?

Yes you may be able to still have your delivery, but this is dependent on the local road conditions and the available access to your property at the time of delivery.

What can I do to prepare for a flood?

The key is to act now! Don’t wait until flooding looks likely as you won’t have time to buy or put the measures in place. Making your property more resilient to floodwater will limit distress and damage caused by flooding, which means less costly repairs and less time out of your home or business premises. The Environment Agency has produced a leaflet containing useful advice about how to protect your property from flooding